konnu is a small agency
with a large vision


Tim Vanhalewyck

As an enthusiastic developer Tim Vanhalewyck founded Konnu five years ago in order to produce innovative websites that are very user friendly and have a clean appearance.

Nowadays this Belgian walks through life as a Drupal specialist and enterpreneur who enjoys showing his expertise with clients. Together with his team, Tim makes your website or mobile application into something transcendental of standard websites, something that you can be proud of!
  • Drupal, PHP, SQL, CSS, jQuery, Javascript
  • Tim listens to from .
  • 15" Retina Macbook Pro Intel i7 @ 3,6GHz 8GB (RAM)
  • Motorbikes, movies, running, music, my love, ...
  • Tim was last seen @

What we offer you


All our websites are built with the content management system Drupal. That way our clients can maintain and update their website whenever and wherever they want.


Every website comes with an extensive statisitics report. That way our clients know exactly who visits their website, their visitors location and the type of device they are using...


Our clients can choose the host they prefer. If they have no idea which host suits them best we will accompany them in making the best choice.


You want to sell products on the internet, but you don't have a webshop? This is were Konnu comes in. We make professional webshops that deal with stocks, shipping, taxes, payment methods...

Responsive Designs

A website can look great on your desktop but what about your tablet or smartphone? Konnu works with responsive designs so that your website looks great on every device.

Email Marketing

Reaching people with your website is one thing but you have got to keep them coming back for more. Konnu makes custom email templates that clients can use in their email campaign.

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